AI Summit
Munich 2023

Oct 20th - 21st 2023

Hoch5 - Ostbahnhof

Join us and unleash the power of AI!
Redefining the AI Summit Experience: Where Authentic Conversations Take Center Stage

The fast-paced AI ecosystems brings cutting-edge ideas to life every day. What is the current state of AI and where should it go in the future? This and further aspects will be discussed at the first-ever Summit in Munich!

Our event aims to connect AI enthusiasts, researchers, policy-makers, and industry experts from the AI Ecosystem to ensure a safe, reliable and trustworthy future of AI. We want to create a network that supports the next generation of AI leaders and empowers them to bring their ideas to fruition, together.

If you're ready to take the next step in your AI journey and connect with like-minded individuals then join us at the AI Summit and question the status quo.
What you can expect

We are working hard to curate and agenda that allows you to dive deeper into the world of AI. Below you can find our preliminary schedule for the event. However, stay tuned as we are constantly adding new exciting content:

Our lineup

Meet some of the most inspiring people in the AI ecosystem at our summit. There will be an exciting mix of researchers, entrepreneurs, and investors to spark interesting conversations and provide valuable insight into the newest developments of the field. We are happy to share a preliminary list of speakers that will constantly be updated and extended:

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Stay tuned for further updates!
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